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3rd International Shinbudo Games

Požarevac, Serbia, February 2009

On Saturday 21st of February 2009 the 3rd International Shinbudo Games were held in Pozarevac, Serbia. Host of the Games was Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, founder of International Shinbudo Association. Despite terrible weather conditions, Games were attended by representatives of 10 countires: Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Ghana, Romania, Czech Republic and Germany. Members from 8 clubs from Serbia participated: Pozarevac, Sabac, Petrovac, Vlaski Do, Smederevo, Belgrade, Vrsac, Aleksinac. There were 114 competitors from abroad and 119 competitors from Serbia, a total of 233 people competing in three SHINBUDO disciplines - Mix Kumite, Jujutsu Kata and Sport Kenjutsu.

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