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ISA is a non-profit network of clubs, groups, and organizations from several countries, which are practicing ISA sport disciplines on national level and participate occasionally on ISA annual events. We are mostly SPORT organization and on international level we are focused only on competitions.

Shinbudo is not a new martial art. It is simply a NEW CONCEPT of training and competing in martial arts and sports of Japanese origin, modern sports derived from Jujutsu (Mix Kumite, Jujutsu kata, Judo, even Bogu Karate...) and from Kenjutsu (Sport Kenjutsu, also known as Chanbara or "Combat kenjutsu", and "Shin kendo", kendo rules with chanbara swords). For this reason, our logo contains Japanese ideograms (kanji) for Jujutsu ("Ju-Jitsu") and Kenjutsu.


Guideline in creation of Shinbudo curriculum and sport formats was necessity of quick inclusion of new practitioners in competitive activities. At the same time, the competition formats in Shinbudo are designed with strong emphasis on safety and simplicity. This "KISS" principle ("Keep It Safe & Simple") was essential for creation of our sport competition rules and training programs. We have borrowed ideas and concepts from modern Sport Jujutsu, Sport Chanbara (Sport kenjutsu), Judo and Bogu karate and put them together in an exciting new "package".

ISA does not serve as a governing body for any separate martial art or sport. However, we proudly promote our MIX KUMITE as the safest combat sport format for young martial artists. Mix Kumite and our Sport Kenjutsu ("shin kendo") disciplines are the symbol of SHINBUDO.

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